Egor Shapovalov

Born April 9, 1998 (Taganrog, Russia)

The emerging Russian artist Egor Shapovalov works primarily in two media: photography and drawing. He started exhibiting his work at only 20 years old – first in his home country of Russia, and now in Austria, where he is a student at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

2010 HELLO, THE FAUN SPACE FotoDepartament gallery, St.Petersburg. Russia

2011 HELLO, THE FAUN SPACE m-gallery, Rostov-on­Don, Russia

2016 S I N G U L A R Galerie.Z, Hard, Austria

2016 Tools of enlightenment, Heiliger Oswald, Alpbach, Austria

Horizon, 2009

Eugene Sahatskiy

Born January 1, 1991 (Moscow, Russia)

Eugene Sahatskiy explores the conflict between the sublime and the squalid, uncovering a romantic beauty where others might not want to recognize it. For instance, all around the city the trash cans come in different shapes and colors, beat-up and run-down. In this sense, they are their own art objects.

2017 Nothing new, CCA Winzavod, Project Start, Moscow, Russia

since 2017 Got It For Cheap, Gallery 0-0 LA, Los Angeles, USA

2018 Art-Lihoradka, Moscow, Russia

2018 Art-Bardak. HERE 2018, VZ HERE Taganka, Moscow, Russia

Ty mne ne nuzhna, lyubimaya (I don’t need you, my dear), 2017

Dima Rebus

Born June 2, 1988 (Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia)

The virtuoso watercolor technique of Dima Rebus allows the artist to express an individual perception of reality that transcends language barriers. The artist’s work can be found in many private collections of note, including those of Andrey Malakhov and Roman Abramovich.

2011 Oh Yeah Festival, Patagonia, Argentina

2014 Dima Rebus, Artwin Gallery / YawnArt, Brussel, Belgium

2016 Good Deal, as part of the parallel program of the 5th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Moscow, Russia

2017 Brighter days are coming, Street-Art Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

Follow me. The main thing is not to make noise, 2018